Sub Verse Studios is a video production company specializing in presentation and online media for organizations and individuals who are developing or enhancing their media identity. 

Our service is geared to a number of markets including, emerging companies, non profit organizations, school districts, community centers, wedding planners and arts organizations. We will target companies and organization that have a need for multiple media projects over a set time period that highlight the growth and assets of our clients. This allows us the opportunity to build an on going relationship with the company or organization.


Founder & CEO

David Weathersby

David Weathersby is a filmmaker/videographer and the founder of City Vanguard, an arts organization that helps independent filmmakers create community-based documentaries for educational and cultural institutions.  As a director and screenwriter, he has produced films, documentaries, concert DVDs, music videos and video art projects.  His past projects include the documentaries Got the Love, Jazz Occurrence and Manumission. His work has been featured on The Africa Channel, WTTW and various film festivals including Black Harvest Film Festival, Image Union Film Festival and The Chicago Short Comedy Film Festival.

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